Welcome to New Beginnings

New Beginnings Youth Homes, Inc. is a non-denominational Christian residential home that provides a loving environment for troubled young people. These homes offer these youths a supportive family atmosphere with strong positive leadership. Preliminary results suggest that young people in these “Teaching-Family Model” homes have fewer contacts with the police and the courts, lower dropout rates, and improved grades in school.

We provide a Christian environment along with a structured learning atmosphere, all geared toward motivating young adults and pregnant women to make the right choices for their futures. The program utilizes Christian guidance and counseling strategies designed to assist young adults and pregnant women in self-understanding, fostering the growth of a well-developed value system through discipleship, and development of personal responsibility through life-skills coaching (budgeting, nutrition, interpersonal skills, job interviewing skills, etc.). We facilitate insight into each youth’s emotional well-being while preparing them for successful adulthood.

What's happening now

Community fund raising event & more

Dear Friends of New Beginnings Youth Homes! Many new and exciting things are happening during the month of September.  We are involved in a community fund raising event on September 27, 2014, it’s an evening of live music and ministry.  Our booth will be... read more